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I met Tulsi of Nepal Sanctuary Treks in 1998 on my trip to Nepal. He has recommended to me while I was in Nepal (I arranged my own travel for that trip) when I needed to buy a ticket. I found him to be very helpful, knowledgeable, and a great person. We became friend and kept in touch. When I decided to arrange a trip to Tibet for five of us in 2000, I contacted him and he helped me to arrange a wonderful custom tour. He met or exceeded all of our needs. When we ended up leaving Tibet a day early, we called him and his brother showed up at the border right on time. To do that, he came up the night before so that he would be sure to meet us. Only someone who has crossed that border can understand what that meant!
I recommend his services and him as a person unconditionally. Feel free to contact me with any questions that you have. My phone number is 360-297-3480. I worked out of my home, so feel free to call anytime between 8 am and 9 pm PST. I would also be happy to answer any question by email.
Tibet is an amazing experience. I have arranged my own travel in a number of countries and feel comfortable doing so. Tibet is one country that I would probably not do it. It is best to work thorough a travel agent, especially one like Tulsi that can help with the rough spots.
Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: Mr. Gale Gray
Dear Tulsi

Just to let you know that everyone arrived home safely and everyone said that they had a wonderful time in Nepal.
On a personal note, I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip again and again and as usual your excellent service and attention to detail....for which I cant thank you enough.
At the moment I am organizing our August trip to Kilimanjaro...I already have posted today...some adverts to various newspapers for our October trip to Everest Base Camp and I look forward to the outcome of which I will keep you informed.
Once again many very best wishes to Sandeep and Prashant for which without them on the trek we couldn’t do without....

Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: Graham
Child Aid, Ireland
Dear Tulsi Bhai,

Yes, we had a good flight back to Hong Kong. We were all tired but content and happy with our experiences in Nepal. The students have written some good reflection papers with pictures to capture their experience. They were all impressed with the scenery, of course, but more than that the uninhibited friendliness of the people they met. Some could not understand that though they were poor, how the children at the schools we visited could be so happy. And several have already decided that they will return to Nepal - "once is not enough!"
Thank you and your whole crew for taking such good care of us - as always! The other teachers were also very impressed with Nepal Sanctuary Treks' professionalism and you own gentlemanly manner.

Thanks again for a wonderful adventure on behalf of all of us on Annapurna Pranam and Biking.
Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: Richard Fredric
Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong
Dear Tulsi

Having arrived safely back in the UK (some sooner than others!) I would like to take the opportunity to thank you once again for organizing a most enjoyable trek for us and of course for your most kind hospitality on our return to Kathmandu.
The whole adventure was a truly memorable experience. We learned much from our adventure, not least to allow more time for acclimatization and unforeseen delays on our next trip.
We would hope in the future to trek to Gokyo and the Chola Pass, returning via Base Camp.
In meantime please pass on our regards and thanks to Lhakpa and Tenzing who did so much to enhance our experience.
You may be sure that we will recommend your Company to any of our friends visiting Nepal

Kind regards to you and your family
Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: Ian
Dear Tulsi,

Jim and I are both so grateful for all of the kindness, consideration and amazing hospitality that you gave to us. Helping us move our luggage from one hotel to another, meeting us at the airport after the trek, these were absolutely amazing things. I wish you much success in all your future business endeavors and hope that you continue to be able to benefit Nepal. It is such an amazing country, with an unbelievably rich history and culture, unmatched natural beauty and some of the kindest, most gentle people I have ever met. Once again, thank you for the special care that you gave us.

Many thanks
Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: Pam Heckel
Great Falls, MT USA
Dear Tulsi

I would like to thank you once again for a well-organized trip. We all- teacher and students had a great time. I am sure you will have some return customers. I specifically would like to thank you for the special consideration you gave to Patrik.

Best regards
Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: John Nabelek
College of Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, 104 COAS Admin Bldg, Corvallis, OR 97331
I recently finished an amazing trip to Nepal thanks to you and your high caliber of staff that demonstrated professionalism and sincerity. The following is an acknowledgement of the high standard of service that both Rob and I received while in Nepal.
Prasan was always forward thinking ensuring that we were well prepared and provided for, for each part of our journey. He also personally escorted us to different destinations of our trip, which helped put our minds at ease knowing that Prasan was in charge and informed of the transitions we would take from place to place.
Even my last day where he assisted me at the airport and transported Rob to his next destination was impressive. Rob and I often discussed during our trip how privileged we were to have someone of Prasan’s status personally look after us so well.
Milan is a great asset to your team and programme with the wealth of knowledge and passion he has for his work and country. I thoroughly enjoyed his teachings and company. In reflection of our trip, it was Rob’s and I intention to leave a small monetary gift for Milan but unfortunately forgot. Could you please advise the best way or appropriate procedure for me to acknowledge Milan’s services.
Chandra and Tenjing were so amazing. Unfortunately I was not the fastest or fittest person to trek, haha, but Chandra managed to compose himself and demonstrated such grace, patience and support. Both Tenjing and Chandra offered 24hr/7day service, ensuring that our well-being was well cared for. We highly recommend them for other tourists.
Nepal has made a great impression on my heart and I believe it’s because at the end of the day people make the difference. This is truly a reflection again on the staff that I’m assuming you carefully hand pick.
Thank you for a wonderful holiday.
All the best to you and your staff.

Kind Regards
Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: Luana L Siaosi
I have used Nepal Sanctuary treks many times over the past 3 years to organise and guide everything from simple day walks and week long tea house treks with my family, to 3 week expeditions to climb some of the high trekking peaks in Nepal. On each and every occasion I have found them to be very professional and thorough in their preparation for the trek, and on trek the guides and porters were excellent. For the mountain expeditions the equipment supplied has been excellent and the food has been delicious, hygienic, plentiful and varied. Having compared them to other agencies I also believe they offer good value for money.
I have recommended Nepal Sanctuary Treks to my friends over the years and will continue to do so.
Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: Martin Chamberlain
British Embassy, Kathmandu
Dear Tulsi,
Thank you for organising another wonderful trek for us again this year. We had a thoroughly relaxing time and have some great photos that we are very happy with. Once again, we were exceptionally well looked after throughout the trek and our memories, in particular, of the fantastic ridge walk on Christmas morning, with such good company and such stunning views of the mountains, will stay with us for a very long time. So please pass on our heartfelt thanks to Lakpa and everyone on the crew - they worked so hard to ensure that we were comfortable and enjoying the trek, and we really appreciate all that they did for us.

So many, many thanks once again and our very best wishes for New Year to your family and all at NST.
Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: Mary Peart
German Swiss International School, Hong Kong
Please allow me to say how great an asset your company has, in your brother, Sandeep.
Having traveled with him first time round I had found him to be polite, helpful and professional at every turn, I knew immediately that I would trust his judgement in any mountain environment.
This has been borne true this last month or so when traveling with him.
Allow me to thank you for all the professional help and care that Sandeep has shown both Tom and I during our recent trip. I spoke loosely to him about the possibility of returning in two or three years time with my family, and hope that this plan will meet fruition, if so, it would be my pleasure to work through your company.

Again, Thank you and warmest regards.
Date of Posting: 11 July 2011
Posted By: Maurice Maxwell

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I've been trekking & climbing in Nepal for many years and Nepal Sanctuary treks is without doubt the best agency I have used. Tulsi, Prashant and other staff worked hard to ensured that our trip to the Khumbu Himal was one of the most memorable. Our thanks to you all. We're looking forward to seeing you all again in 2016.

Ray D Voorburg, The Netherlands